Eat! Drink! Snack! Press

June 2009 – “Bacon jerky is one of those snacks you shouldn’t have to share with your friends, but with flavors like “coastal caliente jalapeno bacon” & “boss hog hickory bacon,” it sounds like it’d be tough not to. luckily, as the press release notes, “the best part about bacon jerky in comparison to regular bacon is that when you cook bacon, the aroma floats through the air calling out to those around you to come and get it which means that you have to share.” with bacon jerky, not only is there no cooking involved, but all that baconacity is now contained in a pouch that you can squirrel away from your friends. the press release also notes that “you can simply enjoy a few pieces and those around you want know that you’re snacking on the most delectably delicious bacon ever.” that’s not proper english, but who cares when you’ve got bacon jerky?”

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