Bacon Freak’s Second Line of Bacon Jerky™ Press Release

The first company that gave you Bacon Jerky™ announces the launch of its second line of Bacon Jerky! Los Angeles, CA – November 2013

Bacon Freak, the first company to bring the joy of bacon jerky to the masses, has announced the launch of its second Bacon Jerky product. A reflection of some serious bacon innovation, their new bacon jerky is available in six sensational flavors including Garlic Pepper, Western, Red Chili Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, Sweet Pepper, and Habanero Heat.

“We’ve listened to customer feedback and created a new bacon jerky that is different than our other bacon jerky. We purposely designed this product to have less fat and drier mouth feel than our other bacon jerky,” said CEO “Boss Hog” Rocco Loosbrock. “We start with a leaner cut of bacon that wouldn’t be desirable cooked up in your frying pan, but that makes an ideal jerky. We cook it longer at a lower temperature and use rotating ovens to eliminate fat dripping onto the product as it dries. The result is a bacon jerky that strikes the ideal balance between lean and fat. Also, our innovative packaging process uses wax paper and decadent packs to absorb any extra fat. With just one bite, you’ll be in hog heaven!”

Bacon Freak is known for its huge selection of over 35 different varieties of gourmet, thick-cut, hand-rubbed bacon. Known as “the only bacon you can fry naked,” when you cook a pound of Bacon Freak bacon, you get a pound of bacon! Bacon Freak originated the phrase Bacon Is Meat Candy, and lucky recipients of their “Bacon of the Month Club” receive a T-shirt bearing this slogan that has become a common phrase in the bacon vernacular.

Their products have been featured in People, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, Comfort Food, 805 Living, Glamour, and Inc. Magazines. They’ve also been featured on numerous TV shows including Destination America’s United States of Bacon and the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise.