Bacon Freak’s Pork Jerky Press Release

The first company to bring you Bacon Jerky announces the launch of its Pork Jerky line!
Los Angeles, CA – July, 2013.

Bacon Freak, the first company to bring the joy of Bacon Jerky to the masses, has announced the launch of its new “porktastic” Pork Jerky product line. Available in four fabulous flavors including Sweet & Spicy, Maple, Teriyaki and Western. Bacon Freak Pork Jerky comes in a generously-sized 4 oz. packet, much larger than the typical 3.25 oz. size. The other thing that differentiates Bacon Freak Pork Jerky from the competition is what’s NOT in their Jerky. Bacon Freak Pork Jerky has no preservatives, no nitrites, no artificial colors, no flavor enhancers, no high fructose corn syrup, and no ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

“Bacon Freak is known for being innovative. We were the first to create and market bacon jerky, and soon after, many companies tried to follow us by creating a substandard product from the substandard bacon you get at the grocery store. Our pork jerky is made from pork that isn’t the stuff you get at the grocery store, and our customers will be able to taste the quality difference in our pork jerky,” said CEO “Boss Hogg” Rocco Loosbrock. “Not only is our pork jerky preservative and nitrite-free, it’s made with all-natural, quality ingredients. We wanted to create a high-protein, low-fat snack to meet the demand for ‘squealicious’ pork products that are ready-to-eat, and good for you, too.”

Bacon Freak is known for its wide selection of over two dozen flavors of gourmet, thick-cut, hand-rubbed, artisan bacon. Known as “the only bacon you can fry naked,” when you cook a pound of Bacon Freak bacon, you get a pound of bacon! Bacon Freak originated the phrase Bacon Is Meat Candy™, and lucky recipients of their “Bacon of the Month Club” receive a T-shirt bearing this slogan that has become a common phrase in the bacon vernacular.

Their products have been featured in People, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, Comfort Food, 805 Living, Glamour, and Inc. Magazines. They’ve also been featured on Destination America’s United States of Bacon and the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise.

Bacon Freak Pork Jerky comes in a whoppin’ 4 oz. package. For more information and to place an order, visit “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.